Once the dirt has been absorbed by the dust, it is removed with an ordinary carpet cleaner or containers connected to the machine. Grease and dirt disappear as if by magic, and also no need to remove the furniture, it does not need drying, there is no standing water and do not remain in the carpet fibers sticky residue.

The dust used for these cleaning interventions, is a natural product, organic and delicate that contains millions of micro-sponges, which, impregnated with an original mixture of active substances for the washing, are able to absorb dirt, do not damage the carpet and do not contaminate the environment because it is non-harmful substances.

Dry cleaning is one of the most revolutionary and innovative methods for carpet cleaning, combining machine and product for a great cleaning results without damaging the carpet, so you can walk on it immediately after cleaning and finally leaving no residue dirt or detergent in the plot. The system, which harmonizes machine and product, is based on the combined action between the brushes twin that is attached to the machine and the powder used to clean the carpet. The function of the brushes is to push deep and energetically the millions of micro-sponges contained in the dust, which have the task of absorbing dirt, even the fat and oily. This strong combined action allows you to get a carpet cleaned and renovated in its original sheen of color and fullness of fabric texture.

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