We lead the acquisition of new industrial methods for the treatment of marble surfaces, restoring the gloss without the use of waxes and the exaltation of the natural qualities of the stone.


The method that we use is the evolution of the system of Crystallization, a form of "controlled consummation" of the surface layer damaged or matted floor that consists in a thin surface coating imperceptibly so as to give it back the original sheen, ensuring a greater resistance of the surface.

The first operation will measure the degree of gloss of the marble-paved, through the use of GLOSSMETER. Subsequently, following the values ​​obtained, the mission will be to arrive at a value comprised between 80 and 100 OJ, to obtain a bright surface. We proceed with the aid of machine "MONOBRUSH with rotating disk" which will deal with the paved diamond carbon support. The heat caused by the friction that creates the machine with the surface, trigger a reaction with the calcium carbonate contained in the marble and the acid compound, creating a layer on the surface saline hard, insoluble and polished.


A subsequent treatment with the support of the machine at high speed - 2000 rpm, will donate to the pavement resistance to wear and mechanical stresses, and will be waterproof making operations easier routine cleaning.

The goal therefore we ask is to get in- a natural and completely mechanical mirror polishing, increasing the degree of light scattering and enhance the natural colour of the stone.

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