In the universe a million years, is the age of a newborn.

T-TAURI is considered a newly born star, a young star.

A little brat who, thanks to its energy, keeps moving emitting continually powerful magnetic flux. In this way was born the star of T-TAURI Group, a celestial body of young companies that makes of business' value their essence.



T-TAURI consortium company. a.r.l. It is the result of the evolution of entrepreneurial experience, gained by the founding members in thirty years.


Thanks to cutting-edge organization offers its customers specialized professionals for temporary and long-lasting partnerships. The Consortium has a portfolio Customer authoritative: public and private institutions, commercial centers, stations Aeroportuali, hospitals, places of worship and hotel chains. Also, important are the experiences in industries, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal-mechanical, Electronic, Food and Textiles.


The constant search of the workers, through a 'wide network of contacts and a database up to date, ensures a quick selection of the most appropriate staff in order to offer at all times a service that best meets customer expectations.


The personnel involved in the activities in question is properly trained and periodically updated, about the safety and environmental regulations and of course on the organizational arrangements that you will want to gradually adopt.


The training courses provided for staff recruited support the achievement of specific skills for each policy area and to master all the latest technology and effective use.


T-TAURI Considers the strategic management of staff, based not only on the creation of individual roles, but especially on the value of teamwork, necessary to optimize the results.


All benefits are coordinated by our officer in charge of quality control, according to the rules and regulations of UNI EN ISO 9001-2008.


The Consortium has obtained the following certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008BS OHSAS 18001: 2007UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 and a 'further certification that integrates these aspects, relating to the environment, quality and safety job.

The T-TAURI consortium a.r.l. It is a company associated with Unindustria. His sole director Dr. Giuseppe Pastore, having held various positions of representation to that effect.


The Consortium holds several patents obtained in relation to the scope of cleaning services, given its constant research, development and innovation.


As part of internationalization, the group T-TAURI opened an office in Dubai, which have been developed new technical solutions for the maintenance of paved marble and washing windows of skyscrapers.



Le Aziende che hanno aderito al Consorzio T-TAURI sono la "Latina Pulizie", La "Iride S.r.l.", la "Iride Global Service", la "Iride Servizi Integrati", la "Astro Italia S.r.l.", la "Cometa Turismo Integrato"e la "Latina Ecocleaning ".

La "Cometa Turismo Integrato" ha sviluppato una linea per la gestione e manutenzione del patrimonio naturale e delle opere monumentali, servizi portuali e marittimi, completando così la gamma dei servizi offerti.



The Consortium T-TAURI wants the full satisfaction of its clients, offering a very wide range of services having the advantage of being a single point of reference, combining the value for money, integrating the performances of staff in the different services and specializing the workers in different sectors, in order to optimize the timing and profitability. Right from our first meeting we will try to be your consultants and partners at the same time. Our approach to work is characterised by positive thinking, dynamic approach and high motivation levels. Our relationship will be friendly and professional. Courage, honesty, loyalty and integrity will always motivate our Group.

Our success will benefit our clients, partners and employees.

T-TAURI is a Consortium that operates throughout Italy, is supported by Confindustria and therefore applies welfare, financial and contract conditions to its staff as for   their industry sector and specific sector legislation.

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TITAURI SOCIETA' CONSORTILE A.R.L. -Via Acque Alte, 141 - 04100 LATINA (LT) Tel. 0773/244012  Fax. 0773/266436 - P.IVA/C.F.: 02563060595