● Cleaning services in offices, factories, institutions, condominiums, commercial

   establishments, schools and communities;

● Nursing services;

● Working at heights with the aid of suitable mechanical means;

● Dry with blasting facades and monuments;

● Dry carpet;

● Crystallization of marble floors;

● Treatment industrial flooring;

● Management canteens;

● House keeping;

● Porterage;

● Drivers;

● Deratizations;

● Maintenance of green areas (parks, gardens, flower beds);

● Activities of freight and luggage with the help of vehicles and means Mechanical

   for loading / unloading, storage and palletizing goods;

● Repair plumbing and electrical systems;

● Painting interior and exterior;

● Design and installation of alarm systems and electrical systems with innovative

   LED lighting;

● Human Resources in charge of the job of concierge, front desk, and presidium

   continuous properties;

● Full service, fast and effective cleaning, sanitation and ironing corporate

   uniforms, towels, bed and table linen for hotels, restaurants industries and


● Signs corporate;

● Signboard security;

● Signboard information;

● Totem;

● Arrangements;

● Illuminated and accessories;

● Street furniture;

● Maintenance box care.


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